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Advantage Trucking Company

Advantage Trucking Company

full-load-truckingYou can search the web for a different trucking company for each of your shipping needs, but what would be the advantage to one trucking company that does it all?

  • For large companies with multiple shipping requirements, it would be like one-stop-shopping…like the difference between going to the corner grocer for food, the local pharmacy for prescriptions, the small clothing store, shoe store, etc, then stopping at a burger joint for lunch, versus one stop at Walmart for it all.
  • It would mean getting to really know who you’re dealing with for all your transportation needs.
  • It would mean they would really get to know you and your unique needs. You would be a preferred customer with better than ever costs for services.
  • It would mean worry-free shipping because you know how they operate and have come to trust that they come through for you every time.

Titan Translines is that advantage trucking company! With many years of successful business and myriads of satisfied customers, we know we’re doing the job right! As a 3PL company (third party logistics company), we access the right trucker for your job every time. We can ship your frozen goods or fresh produce in reefers or your dry goods in cargo vans. We can transport your goods as LTL shipments (Light load), combining your freight with that of other clients to fill a truck, or dedicate an entire semi to your large load. Extra-large loads, such as heavy machinery or large construction components? No problem! Flat bed RGN’s will take care of them.

We would like to get to know you and become your go-to trucking company for every need. Check our Quick Quote option or call our customer service agents. It could be the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

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