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Trucking and the Boon in Online Shopping

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On-line buying is experiencing explosive growth! Recent research shows that only about 33% of the populous still buys only in-store. 67% do at least a portion of their shopping from web-based merchandisers, or conventional retailers which have had the foresight to add on-line shopping to their businesses. How is this affecting the trucking industry, with part of its mandate of shipping goods to large retailers? Will there be fewer and fewer large runs to the Walmarts, and more and more Light Trailer Loads (LTL) to home delivery couriers?

Consumers are enjoying the leisure of shopping from their homes, avoiding the traffic and time wastage of conventional shopping and carting merchandise home. At-your-doorstep delivery is winning many shoppers over. Longer delivery times are a drawback to this approach, but this may be where the trucking industry can capitalize on the shift in trends. Advantage-trucking company!

The transportation industry is constantly evolving as the economy and technology change. Trucking companies have always been able to keep step with each new wave, and they are well-equipped to do so once again. As the volume of on-line orders increases, more and more goods will be sent to local distribution centres, such as the door-to-door courier. Large transport trucks are able to move high volumes of individual orders at a time, in a shorter timeframe than smaller businesses can. The shift in focus may simply be a move toward more LTL’s. Perhaps merchandise ordered on-line will piggy-back along with the still large demand for deliveries to mega-retailers and manufacturers.

The question is not “if” large trucking transport will be a part of the delivery equation, but “how”. Large commercial trucking will perhaps be an even more essential part of the transportation industry in the future. The advantage goes to the trucking company that is prepared for the transition.

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