BC Trucking Companies

BC Trucking Companies

BC Trucking CompaniesWith over 13,000 trucks and more than 26,000 drivers, the B.C. trucking industry is as big as the province it services, not to mention the entire country and continent. With many thousands more employed in support personnel for the industry, B.C. trucking is an extremely valuable part of the economy. A growth of 27% over 7 years, in spite of the global recession, makes it obvious that the trucking industry is here to stay and, in fact, thriving. GDP share outstrips even the logging and mining industries. Close to 100% of the commodities we use and consume are transported by truck, as only trucks can deliver door-to-door.

Safety records show comparable improvement, with a 22% reduction in truck related accidents over the same 7 years. Of those collisions, only 19% were attributed to the truck drivers, with 57% deemed the fault of the other drivers, and the remainder, no-fault accidents. The improved safety results can be attributed to higher safety standards, better truck maintenance, and better driver training. The statistics are welcomed by not only truckers, but also other motorists and trucking clients.

The British Columbia Trucking Association (BCTA) website is a wealth of information about the industry, as well as a resource for customers looking for appropriate transportation for their freight. With easy to use menus, customers can choose:

  • The commodity they wish to ship, from logs, or scrap to farm produce or automobiles.
  • The destination they wish to ship to, from coast to coast in Canada or the United States.
  • The type of equipment needed, from flat bed or tanker to dry van or reefer.

B.C. trucking is literally an industry on the move!

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