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Canadian LTL Trucking Companies: Which One Is Best For Your Business?

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There are so many different LTL shipping companies, and sometimes it gets confusing when selecting the best one for your business transport needs. So — just how do you choose the best trucking company for your freight? Let’s take a closer look.

How to Choose the Right LTL Trucking Co.?
Choosing the right trucking company is a financial investment that should be carefully weighed. Businesses that are choosing an LTL freight carrier often look for the trucking company with the most competitive rates. While the price can be a determining factor, there are other elements that businesses should consider:

  • Is the trucking company partial to full loads or do they also haul partial loads?
  • Does the trucking company have a reliable track record and authentic testimonials?
  • Can the trucking company cater to long distance hauls?
  • Is the company able to accommodate the shippers’ specific requests?
  • Does the trucking company offer a diverse range of trucks/trailers various dimensions?


If you’re able to confidently answer ‘YES’ to all of the above, you’ve likely made a good selection in the trucking company most suited for your LTL  needs. Carriers that have been in business for several years normally will have the expertise and knowledge to haul your shipments in the shortest amount of time possible. They will have also employ their industry expertise to offer a wide range of service solutions that cater to any number of transport requests.

At Titan, we’re all about offering competitive rates for your freight shipment. We will address your LTL shipping needs with professional and expertise to ensure your freight is promptly delivered at affordable rates. Give our trans-border service a try and learn firsthand why our loyal customers call us the best freight transportation company in Canada.

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