Canadian LTL Trucking Companies

Canadian LTL Trucking Companies

LTL truckingLTL trucking refers to the shipping of Less than Truck Load transportation of goods. Customers who needs to ship cargo in bulk, such as manufactured products for export, goods for department store chains like Walmart, or supplies for restaurant chains such as Tim Hortons, will use FTL (Full Truckload) shipping; that is, their cargo will take up the entire space of a truck.

Many businesses will need only a partial truckload to ship their goods. In this case, they are charged for only their share of the cargo space. Their portion of expense will also depend on the type and relative weight of their good. Freight is classified based on density, volume, type of goods, handling needs, and how stackable it is. For example, freight that is heavy for its volume and is therefore considered dense may actually cost less to ship than larger volume goods, because it takes up less space allowing for more goods to be carried. Fragile freight costs more because it requires special handling. Freight that cannot be stacked may cost more, as well as goods with a limited shelf life. Toxic materials that may endanger other goods will up the price, as will highly valuable freight that requires greater security.

Most individual LTL freight weighs over 100 pounds. If is strongly advised that all goods be crated and shrink-wrapped if possible for their own safety and that of other cargo nearby. This also makes loading and loading easier.

It is the responsibility of the shipper to choose the correct freight class, or at least give all the pertinent information to the trucking company. This will ensure proper handling and that you will not be overcharged for your shipment. Have dimensions, weight, and type of materials being sent ready when you contact a company, or do it yourself using an online freight cost calculator.

Shipping rates for various classes of freight are fairly standard. The big variable is the dependability and reputation of the trucking company you choose. Try Titan Translines for great customer service and a solid guarantee.

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