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Top Canadian Trucking Companies

Top Canadian Trucking Companies

Long Haul Trucking Company

Canadian Transportation CompanyNeed a long haul trucking company that will safely deliver your goods across Canada or even across the continent? Titan Translines is a great choice!

We are a trucking company, based in the Greater Toronto Area, with routes across all of Canada and the US. With over 50 terminal connections, we can make your transfer of cargo happen.  We have access to the best trucks that employ the newest in technology in order to ensure our customers’ needs are met.

We can transport anything from a small package to extra wide and heavy machinery.

LTL, or Light Load trucking allows us to combine your small bundles with those of other clients; this ensures that we still travel with fully loaded trucks, minimizing the transportation costs for each client by cost sharing; this also protects our environment from the unnecessary  strain that moving multiple half-full trucks across the country would cause.

If you need to ship a full load of freight, we are able to deliver even faster with fewer stops and less time for loading and unloading.

Need cargo requiring refrigeration moved? We have reefers (refrigerated trailers) that customize the temperature and humidity environment for your cargo.

Moving extra high, wide, or heavy loads, such as construction machinery or large building components, requires specialized flat bed trailers called drop decks or RGNs (Removable Goose Necks). This type of trailer allows for loading from top or side, and heavy machinery can even be driven right on. The double drop in deck height allows for safe movement of freight that exceeds the usual height.

Whatever, and wherever you need to transport, we can accommodate you. Give Titan Translines a call. We want to be your Canadian Trucking Company.

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