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Canadian Transportation Companies

Canadian Employment Opportunities

Canadian Transportation CompaniesIt may come as a surprise to you that Canadian Transportation Companies employ a huge percentage of the working population of Canada. When you think of a career in trucking, you most likely think about the life of a male driver who spends large amounts of his time on the road, often away from home for days at a time. Let me open your eyes to the tremendous employment opportunities available outside this narrow facet of the trucking industry.

First of all, although truck driving is still predominantly a male occupation, women are gaining steady ground and respect as drivers. This includes anything from local delivery vans to long haul, transport trucks.

Secondly, there are many jobs in the industry that do not actually put workers behind the wheel. There is a good chance that you have skills that could land you a job in one of these trucking support sectors. For example, you might consider working as a:

  • Dispatcher, making sure drivers and trucks get where they are needed on schedule.
  • Safety officer- so important in an industry that moves big rigs across multiple thousands of miles of highways every day.
  • Vehicle maintenance.
  • Licensing and permit officer.
  • Traffic manager.
  • Rate clerk.
  • Customer service.
  • Filing and billing clerk.
  • Truck sales.
  • Human resources.
  • Information technology.

One of the reasons that Canadian employment opportunities in trucking are so plentiful is that the industry continues to grow as consumer demand grows. Almost everything we consume or use is transported by truck, and behind every trucker is a team of multi-talented  support  workers. Can you see yourself as part of the team?

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