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Canadian Transportation Industry

Canadian Transportation Industry

Canadian truckingThe Canadian Transportation Industry is alive and well, in spite of minor fluctuations due to global economic changes. With a country as vast as Canada with the population extremely sparse, especially as we move north of the 49th, the transportation industry is the life-line of our economy.

While “trains and boats and planes” supply some of the need, links between these and manufacturer or customer can be very long, links that the trucking industry provides. Trucks provide freight transfer for imports and exports as well as in-country movement.

Changes in global dynamics, such as unrest in the Middle East, piracy near key ports, environmental disasters such as drought, natural disasters such as earthquakes that disrupt trade, fiscal disasters such as the present situation in Greece, and localized armed conflicts have chain reaction ramifications in what is now a global economy. The cost and availability of petroleum products have major effects on the transportation industry.

On the other hand, the development of drought resistant crops and hybrid produce, and improving conditions in developing countries that enhance their viability as trade partners have favourable effects on industries providing transportation of goods.

In the long run, there is no foreseeable end to the need for movement of consumer goods, and the transportation industry is well positioned to meet the needs. Those trains, boats, planes and trucks appear to be here for a good long while.

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