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Cartage Companies

Cartage Companies

cartage companiesCartage is another word for transportation of goods from one place to another. It comes from pre-motor vehicle times, literally meaning the act or process of carting, or hauling by cart. The term is now usually applied to the trucking industry.

Cartage can include anything from delivery of small packages by Canada Post or local couriers, to movement of huge construction equipment or components. Some trucking companies specialize in only one facet of trucking, such as moving produce in refrigerated trucks or petroleum products in tankers. Others cartage companies, such as Titan Translines, offer transportation of a wide variety of products using a range of vehicles.

Long haul trucking is another facet of the trucking industry that requires specialized equipment for communication and monitoring of cargo, and drivers who are literally in it “for the long haul”. Both short haul (more localized) and long haul trucking are part of a growing industry. International trade is at an all-time high, and consumers look to online shopping more and more for goods. Trucks are the logical link in the movement of freight of all sizes across the country.

More and more big trucks are plying the roads to keep up with the demand. Consequently, the demand for truck drivers is rising, making this a great go-to option for the unemployed.

Titan Translines has the solution to your transportation needs. We provide service across both Canada and the US. Check out our Quick Quote options or talk to a customer service agent for details about your next shipment with us.

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