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Container Trucking Companies

Container Trucking Companies

shipping containersThe invention of containers for shipping of large quantities of goods has been a huge boon for every mode of cargo transport imaginable. They are used by aircraft, cargo ships, freight trains and trucks alike to move materials more rapidly and efficiently than ever before. Whether containers spend periods of time on ship, train or plane, they generally either begin or end their journey on trucks.

We usually think of shipping containers as large rectangular prisms constructed from heavy steel, although they may be much smaller and may be made from corrugated cardboard or rigid plastic. Standard sized steel freight containers are 20, 40, 45, or 53 feet in length. Some specialized containers are cushioned to handle more fragile goods, insulated for refrigerated cargo, or specially shaped and composed of materials to carry liquid fuels or other dangerous liquids. Whatever the size and structure, all containers are designed for the safe transfer of goods in an efficient and cost-effective manner. There are several pluses related to this method of moving freight:

  • Steel freight containers are reusable, with a life span of many years.
  • They are durable enough to facilitate freight being shipped to and from countries around the world.
  • Containers may be constructed to be loaded from the top, side, or back, making for ease of access to cargo.
  • Containers are moved by crane or forklift, dramatically reducing loading and unloading time.
  • Fewer man-hours are required for moving of goods.
  • Mechanized handling of cargo results in reduced employee injuries.
  • The risk of damage or theft is significantly lower, as goods are more secure.
  • Cargo transferred through several stages, (Eg. Ship to train to truck), is done without the necessity of actually handling it.


The trucking industry comes out the winner overall in the container shipping business. Whether cargo is initially moved by plane, train or ship, it will ultimately find its way to a truck. Only trucks have the capacity to pick up and deliver goods door to door. Expedited, secure, cost-effective service is the result. Of the several container shipping companies in Canada and the U.S., Titan Translines’ ranks as a leader. Call a customer service agent for information on your next shipment needs.


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