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Cross Country Trucking

Cross Country Trucking

Long haul truckers, also known as cross-country truckers, spend a great of their time on the road or waiting for loads in cities far from their homes. Trucking cross country entails much more than the ability to cope with this scenario time after time. It also requires drivers who can do more than stay awake at the wheel for many hours a day. Here are some other considerations that  “wanna’be” long haul truckers must take into account.truckers

  • A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required. Commercial truck training schools can be found across Canada to train new truckers.
  • A medical report must be provided to obtain a commercial driver’s license.
  • Alcohol consumption must stay within the allowable limit. A DUI (driving under the influence) is considered a criminal offense in Canada and will result in loss of driving license.
  • Truckers must adhere to the guidelines for on-duty and off-duty times. !3 hours is the limit for a day, with a 10 hour off-duty time before driving again.
  • Off duty-time should include 8 hours of sleep time.
  • Driving a vehicle carefully when off duty is extra important, as violations can affect the ability to operate a truck too.
  • Drivers must be able to drive competently on all kinds of road conditions. They should be knowledgeable about driving in heavy snow, dense fog, driving rains, and icy roads. They should also be aware of the hazards of avalanches at certain times in the year in the mountains, and the perils of hypnotic sleep caused by long, flat stretches of highway across the almost featureless Prairies.
  • Drivers must be well aware of slight differences in load limit, speed limits, etc. as they cross borders between provinces.

A reputable cross-country trucking company expects the best driver etiquette, industry knowledge and safety standards possible. This helps ensure the safe and speedy delivery of your goods. Titan Translines is just such a company. Check out their site for your next freight needs.


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