At Titan, we offer a wide network of pre-qualified dry freight carriers to ensure you will be matched with  the optimal carrier for your transport needs. Need to move your dry freight anywhere across North America? Titan Transline has you covered. Our trucking services are available throughout Canada and the continental United States; lending you greater access to move dry goods across more destinations.

Whether you require transport for FTL shipments or a one-pallet load, Titan is in the business of providing seamless delivery at competitive rates. To simplify your shipping needs, contact Titan Transline for a dry freight transport quote, today! Let our dedicated team recommend the perfect truck or van that suits your delivery specifications.

What Is Dry Freight?

Dry freight shipping is the most common transport method for moving goods or equipment that do not require temperature-controlled settings. This shipping category can be classified by any one of the following:

    • Non-Perishable Food Items
    • Textiles
    • Retail Clothing
    • Paper & Plastic Products

At Titan, we take on transport items of any size and weight. That’s because we provide full-scale, trucking solutions that cater to dry freight of all dimensions; from cumbersome furniture to boxed materials.Experience why our comprehensive network of dry trucks and vans make us an unrivaled ompetitor
across the freight transport industry. Call today!

Dry Van and Trucking Options

Titan’s versatile trucking options complement any dry freight with height or weight limitations. Our vast network is comprised of 53-ft. dry vans and 24-ft. straight trucks (customizable for power tailgates and alternative heating options) to ensure your dry freight is safely delivered in its original state.

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No matter what type of dry freight delivery you require, Titan Transline has the right equipment to move any size load across North America. For more information about our dry trucking services, call and speak to a member of our friendly office staff at (905) 659-8595, or click here to request a no-obligation quote.

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