Dry Van Trucking Companies

Dry Van Trucking Companies

dry-van-trucking-1Dry vans are by far the most frequently seen transportation trucks on the roads.  The great majority of trucking companies will either use dry vans only or a combination of several types of trucks (flatbed, tanker, dump, reefer, etc.), with dry van being the most utilized. This is because, where other types of trucks carry only specific items, (such as gravel, fuel, heavy equipment, timber, etc.), dry vans can carry almost anything else that is not liquid; even then, some liquids, if packaged in containers specifically designed for liquid shipping, can be shipped by dry van.

Dry vans have a large capacity, with length up to about 16 metres (53 feet) and a carrying capacity limit of up to about 20 500kgs.(45,000lbs.). This varies somewhat by province and state, so truckers need to be aware of regional regulations.

Many manufacturers and major retailers hire or own dry vans to move large shipments as full loads, rather than sharing the trailer with other clients. This ensures faster movement of freight, less handling, and a more secure method of shipment.

Smaller cargo can be transported as part of a truckload. This is called LTL shipping (less than truckload). Several customers share the cost of shipping. Ideally, freight should be packaged securely on pallets and shrink-wrapped for easy loading/unloading and security.

A reefer (refrigerated truck) is sometimes considered a dry van and is used to transport perishable items such as produce, dairy products and meats. These are specially equipped with refrigeration units that monitor and adjust temperature as needed in order to ensure delivery of the cargo in prime condition.

Titan Translines is equipped to ship your freight by dry van, flat bed, reefer, or several other options. We ship across Canada and the United States. Our customer service department can help you find the right option for you at the right price. Check us out!

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