Dry Van Trucking Companies

Dry Van Trucking Companies

Straight Trucks for Your Transportation Needs

Trucks can be separated into two loose categories, Straight and Articulated. From there, each classification can be broken down into several sub-groups. Dry van trucking companies utilize straight trucks, which are those having all axles attached to a single frame.

Sometimes called ‘box trucks’ or ‘cSierra Exif JPEGube trucks’ (named after their almost cuboid shape), these may vary in length from 4 to 7 metres. Moving vans are a frequently used type of straight truck. Loading is usually done at the rear through a roll-up door or double swing doors, but in some cases, through the roof. The term ‘cargo van’ or ‘dry van’ can also be used.

Cutaway van bodies are built much the same; the major difference is that there is access from the cab to the cargo area. This makes cutaways ideal for companies such as couriers, doing frequent deliveries of smaller packages.

Straight trucks can be built or modified to suit many purposes. For example:

  • Mail trucks, the smallest form of delivery truck may have steering wheels and pedals on the right side of the truck instead of the left. This makes for ease of frequent deliveries.
  • New appliances or furniture for delivery may require a dry van with padded interior walls, and built- in rollers to eliminate the risk of damage during loading and unloading.
  • Refrigerated or frozen items are often shipped in straight trucks referred to as ‘Reefers’ that have been built specifically for this purpose. These are insulated and equipped with temperature controlled cooling units that use carbon dioxide in liquid or dry ice form as a cooling agent.

Whatever your need for moving goods, Titan Translines is equipped to supply. With over 50 terminals across Canada and the United States, we can accommodate your requests. Click on our “Quick Quotes” or call our customer service line for the personal touch.

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