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Roll-Tites as a Shipping Option

Roll TiteIf you are wanting to find a trucking company that is competent, experienced, and offers a wide variety of shopping options, you may have just found it in Titan Translines.

One of their extremely versatile options is Roll-Tite trailers. Sometimes referred to as Conestogas, these are essentially flat-bed trucks with a retractable rack and curtain system set up.  The entire rack can be pulled back and forth in order to load freight with a forklift and then provide protection to the freight once it is secured and ready to ship.  Roll-Tites are composed of heavy waterproof tarps that unfold in an accordion fashion from front to back (or vice-versa) to enclose the cargo.  The system is  available for Straight Trucks, Step Decks, and Double Drops as well. The advantages of this system are many.

  1. Loading and unloading are much faster and easier, as there is access to freight from above and both sides of the truck.

2. Since one or two people can do in minutes what would take hours using a conventional, throw-on tarp, less manpower is needed.

3. Because the entire system can be opened and closed from ground level, the risk of falling is eliminated, along with the associated safety gear.

4.  Roll-Tite material is lighter by 30% than conventional tarps, and is composed of aerodynamic materials. With the added feature of an aerodynamic headboard, this system ensures greater fuel efficiency.

5. The Roll-Tite system is compact, taking as little as 8’ of space in length, while expanding to any position along the truck, where it can be fixed to allow for easy access to any part of the load.

6. Of course for you, the customer all of these advantages ensure lower shipping costs and faster delivery for your orders.


With the benefits of both flat and conventional enclosed trucks, this is a shipping option worth looking into. This is one of the many options in Trucking offered by Titan Translines. Call a customer service agent for full pricing and shipping options.

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