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Freight Carriers Association

Freight Carriers Association

FCAEstablished over 60 years ago, the Freight Carriers Association of Canada has worked hand in hand with their counterpart, the North American Transportation Council, to better every aspect of the trucking industry, including the life of its truckers. Spanning the continent from east to west and north to south, the associations have lent their expertise to trucking companies.

The mission of both organizations has several key points.

  • At the backbone of the industry are the dedicated truckers. Without a mechanism to address concerns and problems associated with an ever-changing profession, the rapid turnover of drivers would cripple the industry. A forum is provided for truckers to communicate with each other, sharing solutions to common problems.
  • Up to date rate structures are published to keep this competitive industry on a fair playing field. For example, specific freight increases are sometimes recommended that reflect the rising costs of fuel, insurance, and security. Changes in rates are published for the benefit of customers as well as trucking companies.
  • Updated regulations such as new weight restrictions, driving hours and border crossing details are essential to the safe and legal operation of trucks.
  • The latest in technological advances in communication and truck operations is made available.
  • Committees are formed to analyze present or anticipated problems. Research and surveys help to glean all possible information with a view to timely resolution of such complications.
  • The opinions of customers are as valuable as those provided by employees and owners in trucking commerce, so their input is welcomed. Without customers, there would, of course, be no industry!


The Freight Carriers Association plays an invaluable part in the health and progress of trucking. All transportation companies can both benefit from and contribute to its value.


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