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Freight Carriers Canada

Freight Carriers Canada

freight carriersFreight carriers in both Canada and the U.S. have a common support system that keeps them informed on pertinent issues, offers current news about the industry, and gives truckers a voice.

The FCA (Freight Carriers Association of Canada) and the corresponding U.S. body, NATC (North American Transportation Council), work to make the for-hire trucking industry work smoothly. Freight rates are adjusted for fuel price fluctuations, changes in cross-border tariffs, and changes in the comparative dollar between the two countries. New technology specific to trucks is reviewed and evaluated.

The associations offer seminars on cutting edge technology and other issues affecting the lives of truckers and their companies. News about the ever-changing face of the industry keeps companies informed and better able to adjust.

Surveys ensure that the process is not all one-sided. Truckers have a voice, offering advice, venting frustrations, and encouraging each other. These are taken seriously, as the drivers are the front line workers, facing a changing economy and culture every day.

The FCA and NATC give truckers a sense of community in a job where they can otherwise feel isolated. The associations do an exemplary job keeping the various components of the industry informed and supported. It’s a model other industries could do well to emulate.

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