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Freight Companies Toronto

Freight Companies Toronto

What is Freight?

went to the grocery Thanks truckersThe free dictionary by Farlex defines the noun freight as “goods carried by a vessel or vehicle, especially by a commercial carrier”. Synonyms for the word include cargo, a burden or a load. Traditionally, freight or cargo referred to goods being transported by ship. Freight trains have been common sights for many decades. With the development of large aircraft, it has also become common to include cargo planes in the movement of freight.

In spite of these three freight carriers though, trucks move the largest amount of freight on the continent. Even when ships, trains, or planes carry cargo to and from many countries, ports and stations, the load must then be moved to its ultimate destination. Only trucks can accomplish this. They are the vital link between suppliers and retailers or consumers.

Although cargo space on transport trucks is limited compared to larger freight conveyances, the economy would fall apart without trucks. Every commodity consumed by the population, from grocery items to furniture and large machinery, is transported at some point by trucks.

The presence of fleets of trucks on our highways attests to the importance of the trucking industry. Only trucks can pick up and deliver, door-to-door.

If you were to ask many Canadians and Americans, “What is freight?” they would answer that freight movement provides their employment; trucking as a profession employs a huge segment of our population, and there is no indication that the industry will slow down in the foreseeable future.

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