Freight Rate Quotes – Selecting the Best Value For Your Shipments

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In the market for a seamless shipping experience at unrivaled prices?

Look no further than Titan, your North American freight transport experts!


How We Determine Freight Rate Quotes
Freight rate quotes are measured by several factors, including:

    • Freight Description: What kind of cargo do you plan to ship?
    • Number of Items: Will your freight fill up a whole truck or is it a partial load?
    • Total Weight of Shipment(s): What is the approximate weight of your cargo?
    • Shipment Origin/Destination: Where will shipments be picked up/dropped off?
    • Pick-Up & Drop-off Dates: When will shipments be picked up/dropped off?
    • Shipment Dimensions: What is the height, weight & length of cargo?
    • Special Instructions: Do you require dry, refrigerated and/or specialty trucks for over-sized hauls?

Price Transparency Guarantee
At Titan, we offer competitive freight shipping quotes for all of your heavy haul, LTL and long distance needs. Thanks to our comprehensive carrier network and live freight quotes, we’re able to supply you with honest and affordable rates.

Save time and avoid hassle—get an instant quote by filling out our easy Quick Quote form. Simply enter your shipping details, and leave the rest to us! We’ll give you a call right away to discuss the most suitable transport options for your freight shipment.

Titan – Freight Rate & Quotes
At Titan Transline, we’re not about gimmicks—just good pricing. From our burgeoning carrier network to transparent price quotes, we trump the services of local providers who are limited in both resources and trucking options. Once you experience our trucking solutions, you’ll see why we’re one of the leading freight transportation companies across Canada and the continental U.S.

**For competitive freight rate quotes and superior service call Titan Transline today!** 1-844-855-8342.

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