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Safely transporting hazardous materials is no simple feat. At Titan Transline, we have the years of expertise to carefully handle hazmat freight within the bounds of all safety and regulatory needs throughout Canada and the USA, from coast to coast—even cross border.

Our dedicated, seasoned experts offer custom solutions to even the most complex hazmat transport needs, always within compliance standards to ensure your goods arrive safely and promptly with no unnecessary stops and no concerns. You can even track your shipment in real-time using our state-of-the art technology as it travels in our specially-engineered freight equipment, offering you peace of mind and a seamless experience at every step of the journey.

Cross-border Hazmat Trucking

Hazmat Experts You Can Rely On

It is through many years of training and experience that Titan Transline can offer you world-class hazardous material transportation. Our high safety and compliance standards enable us to transport dangerous goods throughout all of North America, allowing us to bypass many of the concerns customers face from less experienced companies.

Titan Transline specializes in transporting the following hazardous materials:

  • Acids
  • Adhesives
  • Air Conditioners
  • Batteries
  • Appliances
  • Paint
  • Medical Supplies
  • Chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Other sensitive materials that may require temperature control or expedited shipping times. If you don’t see your hazmat listed here, contact us to see how we can serve you.

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Rest assured that your goods arrive at their highest quality via accurate tracking and real-time reporting, coast to coast throughout the USA and Canada. Rely on our trusted network to deliver even your most sensitive freight on time, every time, with our top-of-the-industry equipment, specialized professional expertise, and white-glove level service—all at a competitive rate. Call us today for your free quote.

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