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Oversized Freight Transport

Transporting oversized goods doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. Our specialized experts at Titan Transline can manage the complex process of oversized shipments including avoiding regulatory issues, obtaining the correct permits, and providing unique rope planning for your unique shipment—even cross border between Canada and the USA.

We offer a full line of specially-engineered freight equipment such as double-drop RGNs and multi-axle trailer options to handle even your bulkiest loads from coast to coast of North America.

Cross-border oversized Trucking transport

Heavy Haul Freight Options

Because we’re seasoned experts, Titan Transline can guide you on the type of transport most befitting to your specific load. Then, we’ll handle all of the state-by-state regulations such as per-axle limits and required indicators such as lights, flags, and escorts—so you don’t have to. Let us do the heavy lifting as your experienced, top-of-the-industry 3PL provider and you can rest easy with real-time updates, verifiable data, and a customer-centric team of experts built just for you and your freight.

Custom oversized shipping options we offer include:

Double-Drop RGNs

We transport heavy equipment which would be too tall to fit on other transport options via detachable double-drop RGNs, enabling us to move…

  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Other heavy machinery and equipment

Multi-Axle Trailer:

Our team of experts will determine the best, most efficient equipment for your oversized freight from a pool of different decks, spacings, and axles based upon your cargo’s specific

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height and weight
  • Special care requirements
  • Shipment value

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Rest assured that your goods arrive at their highest quality via accurate tracking and real-time reporting, coast to coast throughout the USA and Canada. Rely on our trusted network to deliver even your most sensitive freight on time, every time, with our top-of-the-industry equipment, specialized professional expertise, and white-glove level service—all at a competitive rate. Call us today for your free quote: 905-659-8595 or click here.

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