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At Titan Transline, we have access to a wide network of Double Drop RGN trailers to ensure you’re matched with the optimal carrier for your transport needs. Need heavy haul trucking options for delivery across North America? Titan has you covered. Our double drop RGN and multi-axle trailers accommodate heavy freight transport across Canada and the continental United States; lending you more alternatives to move heavy freight, cross borders.

Simplify your cross border delivery with Titan’s heavy haul trucking quote, today! Our dedicated team is waiting to recommend the perfect double drop or multi-axle trailer that suits your shipping needs.

Heavy Haul Freight – Transport Options

From standard double-drops to RGN double-drops to multi-axle flatbeds, Titan Transline has your specialized equipment needs covered. Give our friendly office a call to discuss your heavy haul trucking options at (905) 659-8595.

Double-Drop RGN Trailers

Double drop RGNs (aka. “Removable Goose Neck”) are trailers that are perfect for hauling heavy or oversized equipment that can be driven onto the trailer itself.

With a low deck in the center (commonly known as the ‘well’), double drops can accommodate high loads that would normally be too tall on other trailers. Its detachable RGN feature lends the flexibility to move away from the trailer’s lower deck, making these trailers ideal for transporting:

  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Other Heavy Machinery

Multi-Axle Trailers

Heavy loads  are moved onto multi-axle trailers, which are available in combinations of decks, axles and spacings. At Titan, our trucking experts will assess the following criteria to determine the right equipment needed for your shipping requests:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height/Weight
  • Special Care Instructions
  • Value of Goods

Request a Heavy Haul Trucking Quote

Titan Transline is the premier choice for your heavy haul shipments. Curious how our double drop and multi-axle services can benefit you? Call (905) 659-8595 – and see how our competitive trucking rates trump the rest!

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