Heavy Haul Trucking Companies

Heavy Haul Trucking Companies

Need to move extra high, wide or heavy freight? Regular flatbeds or specially designed flatbed trucks called RGNs (Removable Goose Necks) are necessary for this huge type of cargo. Heavy machinery and large industrial building components such as steel beams or extra-large trusses can be safely moved with this trucking equipment.

RGN Trucking Transport

Heavy haul transport companies specialize in the movement of extra large fright using RGN trucks. An RGN is a large transport vehicle specifically designed to carry super-loads. Removable Goose Necks (RGN’s) are sometimes referred to as Lowboy or Low-bed trucks, in reference to their structure. There are two drops in deck height, one directly after the gooseneck, and one before the wheels.Heavy haul trucking companiesHeavy haul trucking companies This results in an extra low cargo deck to accommodate high loads, up to 3.66m (12 feet) tall. The term Gooseneck gives a good picture of the part of the trailer that connects to the truck, allowing for maximum pivotal motion between truck and trailer.

Besides allowing for transportation of extra high hauls, RGNs also permit the moving of extremely heavy cargo, such as industrial equipment and machinery. In fact, freight loads can be up to 68,000 kilograms (150,000 pounds). The largest RGNs can be expanded from 3 to as many as 20 axles if the load requires.

An added bonus is that machinery can be loaded simply by driving it onto the trailer because the detachable front can be removed and dropped, creating a loading ramp.

Large transport trucks such as RGNs often require escort vehicles due to the excessive width of the load or very low speeds attained on uphill grades. Heavy haul transport companies take safety of driver, cargo, and other motorists very seriously.

Flatbeds are uniquely suited for loading from either side, the back, or via drive-on ramps. A double drop trailer has two drops in deck height, giving the extra height to the freight, which can be up to 3.66 metres tall.

Using multiple axle flat beds allows trucks to transport extra heavy freight. Detachable RGNs allow a trailer to transfer freight by ramp, ideal for heavy machinery.

Titan Translines is able to accommodate your needs for transport of extra-large or heavy loads. Contact a customer service agent for experienced advice as to your options. Titan backs up their work with a rock-solid guarantee.

Heavy Haul Transport Costs

Calculating the cost of transporting your heavy or high freight is contingent on distance to be moved, height, weight, width, value of the load, and need for special handling. It takes drivers with experience, who take care and pride in their work, to do the job well, delivering your freight in top condition.

Find a Reputable Trucking Company to Work WIth

Titan Translines moves many types of freight, including dry goods, refrigerated goods, and heavy freight. Call our knowledgeable Customer Service to determine the cost of your cargo. We guarantee the safety of your load at highly competitive prices. Freight needing quick delivery can benefit from our expedited service.

Give Titan a chance to prove itself to you for your next transportation needs.

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