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History of Trucking

History of Trucking

History of trucksAntique truckThe need for transportation of goods is as old as human society’s desire for trade. The history of trucking is older than one might think. Although we usually think of trucks as motor operated vehicles, freight was moved, or “trucked” from place to place long before Henry Ford. Prior to the horseless carriage, most freight was moved by train or horse-drawn conveyances. Roads were narrow and dirty, with some not much more than paths.  However, farm produce and manufactured items had to be moved in a timely manner, and “truckers” rose to the challenge, filling the need while feeding the two-horsepower “engines”.

It has always been a hallmark of the human mind that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and can always be improved upon; hence, the invention of electric-powered engines. By the late 1890’s, horseless carriages were putting alongside the Model T Ford, carrying freight to and fro. Tearing down the road at an astounding 14 miles per hour, they were the envy of some and the source of terror to others.

In 1898, Simpsons Company in Canada began to use a new delivery coach that could outstrip the old , more than doubling the speed, while  increasing payload capacity. By the early 1900’s, gasoline trucks were being produced. The explosion of motor vehicles necessitated the building of better and more numerous roads, which in turn, encouraged increased production of vehicles for all purposes. The demand for trucks for military use during WW1 was an incentive for more improvements. After the war, these new innovations gave birth to more and more sophisticated and efficient trucks.

Along with widespread use of motor vehicles, came the necessity of traffic regulations, which would ensure the safety of motorists and a well-ordered system of goods-transportation. By the late 20th century, trucking came to be the dominate freight mover on the continent.

The industry has faced many challenges as the economy rises and dips, and the demand for goods from ever-widening markets necessitates constant changes. New technological advances are keeping pace, ensuring the fast and efficient delivery of goods across the continent. The history of trucking is a work on progress.

Titan Translines is proud to be involved in the challenging and rewarding trucking business, serving the needs of manufacturer and consumers alike.

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