Largest ltl Trucking Companies

Largest ltl Trucking Companies

Shipping Smaller Loads

loadtrucksShipping LTL (less than load) freight is one of the many specialties of Titan Translines,one of the largest ltl trucking companies. Although we use our large transport trucks, many of our clients have no need for the total space available. We can combine several shipments in each load; consequently, customers benefit from cost-sharing of fees.

Transit times for LTL freight are longer than for full truckload freight (FTL). Delivery times depend on several variables. If your pickup and delivery points are fairly close together, you may receive same-day delivery. If, on the other hand, your goods are being shipped from a distance, our trucks may make several stops along the way, on an indirect route. Freight may be unloaded and rearranged more than once in order to accommodate all packages. At times, all freight is transferred to another truck that is part of our network of carriers.

If you are on the shipping end, ensure that your freight is packaged securely. A good practice is to load it onto pallets or into crates. Sturdy, shipping corrugated-fiberboard containers are a good alternative. LTL carriers prefer to handle shipments with the least amount of handling units possible. For example, a shipment of one pallet containing many boxes  shrink-wrapped to form one piece rather than many individual pieces ensures easy handling and that items will not become separated in transit. Careful packaging will also protect your shipment from damage, pilfering, and humidity.

The main advantage of using an LTL carrier is that a shipment may be transported for a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire truck and trailer for an exclusive shipment. As with all sizes and types of loads, you can always trust Titan to give you reliable cost and delivery- time quotes.

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