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Largest Truck Companies

Largest Truck Companies

The largest trucking companies have definite advantages over those that are small. But bigger isn’t always better. collagev05That’s why we, at Titan Translines as a mid-sized trucking company, think we combine the advantages of both.

Big trucking companies can offer a greater variety of options in types of transport provided. For example, they will do short and long hauls, full or partial load shipment, refrigerated freight moving, extra-large equipment transport, etc. Large companies have more truckers available and more trucking routes. They may have been in business longer, and therefore offer more experience.

On the other hand, there is nothing like a small business for personal customer service. They may try harder to serve customers well since they are competing with larger companies. They have smaller staffs that are more personable; it may be a family-and-friends run business. Smaller companies may cater more to local demands, and may specialize in shorter haul service.

Titan Translines is a medium sized trucking company that offers the best of both worlds. Based in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), we do business in the most industrialized area of Canada. Located close to the US border, our trucking routes include many across all of continental USA as well as Canada. We are a family-and-friends run business that has expanded through years of experience. We can provide all of the transport options of the largest companies, while maintaining that small, personal feel. We try hard to give you what you are looking for.

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