Life of a Long Haul Trucker’s Kids

Life of a Long Haul Trucker’s Kids

Life of a long haul trucker's kidsIf you have a young family, you should think long and hard about becoming a long haul trucker. Young children require lots of attention and care. If you leave all of this to your wife for long periods of time, she could very well become resentful. It’s tough on the kids too, at a time that is particularly crucial for bonding and character formation in their lives.

Being away for the amount of time required for long haul truckers means you would miss out on so many firsts, such as your baby’s first steps, first words, first day at school, big hits in little league, school awards, swim lesson certificates, Christmas concerts, recitals, etc. The pictures your wife takes will never compensate for you missing these or for the look of disappointment on your child’s face.

However, you don’t need to give up on trucking as a career. You can do local delivery and short day or overnight hauls. When the kids are a little older, maybe 10 or 12, you can switch to long haul if you prefer. Your kids will understand your absences better, and will be able to recognize and converse with you via phone or Skype.

A great opportunity is taking one of your children with you on a run. The child with you on a run must be at least 10 or so. What a great way to make them a part of your work; they’ll gain lots of knowledge about trucking and whatever areas of the country you service. Long truck rides give unprecedented time for unhurried conversation. What a great bonding experience! The long, sometimes boring days of summer can suddenly become an adventure for both of you!

Don’t forget to frequently bring little mementos of your travels home to your family. This assures them that were thinking about them while you were away, and gives them something tangible to see every day as a constant reminder of your love.

If you take care of your family, even while you are away, trucking can be a great career choice for you!

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