List of Top Trucking Companies

List of Top Trucking Companies

collagev05If you check for top trucking companies in Canada, chances are, you’re going to miss some of the best because lists are usually in alphabetical order. You know how frustrating that was in school when you were last to be called for everything because your last name begins with “V”.

Other lists rank trucking companies by sheer size of their operation alone. Again, this is not necessarily a fair assessment. That leaves out the little company that always delivers excellent service to its customers.

When a list claims to contain the “top” of anything, it should have more to do with the characteristics that really matter, things like:

  • Is their customer service focused on you or on getting a paycheck? Are company phones answered by someone in Pakistan or a few miles away, where you can actually follow up your call with a person-to-person visit if needed?
  • Are they a family run business or operated by a close knit group of like-minded owners and employees? This is often a good sign, because the employees know each other well and have a vested interest in the ongoing success of the company.
  • Are they locked in a large urban area with no potential for growth? Companies in the outskirts of a city often fare better with room for expansion.
  • Do they offer plenty of options for carrying different types of freight and different sizes of loads?

Take the time to find the best options for you. May we suggest that you look far down the alphabetized list to find Titan Translines. We think you’ll be happy with what you find. Give our customer service line a call for great service.

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