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LTL Freight Tracking

  LTL freight tracking addresses two important concerns of trucking companies and their clients.

  1.  For both business managers who ship or receive cargo on a regular basis, and customers who only require these services periodicallLTLfreight trackingy, being able to track their shipments and know when to expect arrival of freight is important. Delays in deliveries can have negative effects on businesses; knowing as far in advance as possible when goods are expected can make a big difference.                                                                                               Modern trucking technology includes sophisticated web-based tracking software. With this tool, both the shipping company and the customer have round the clock tracking of their cargo via the internet. Real time tracking takes the guess work out of the equation. The same technology keeps track of purchase orders, packing lists, receipt of goods, and all extraneous paper work associated with any given order. All necessary information is literally at your fingertips. Shaw and Torque are two of the manufacturers of the logistics management systems designed for LTL freight trucking.
  2.   Even closer monitoring of freight has been developed to protect cargo from theft. When entire truckloads of goods began disappearing without a trace, FWI (Freight Watch Technology) invented small GPS devices with long-lasting batteries that will deliver a constant signal, even when placed within cargo encased in aluminum. Theft of a truck or even a single pallet of cargo equipped with the device will be immediately recognized, allowing for swift recovery and prosecution of perpetrators.

 Peace of mind is invaluable for customers and trucking companies alike. These newest technological advances provide just that, and that’s a commodity worth paying for.

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