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Less than Truckload Freight

A Trailer Loading Wooden Crates in Cargo ContainerLTL, or Less than truckload shipping is the movement of relatively small amounts of freight. Most trucking companies will transport small cargo together with several other small orders to minimize shipping costs for individual clients and maximize the efficiency of their trucks and truck driver hours. The same trucking companies will also ship full truckloads for one customer in large transport trucks. For example, large chain stores or franchises such as Tim Hortons and Walmart which require large amounts of goods for retail will be serviced using full truckload shipping. Smaller independent merchandisers or individuals may use LTL transportation to move their goods.

Generally, trucking companies require smaller shipments to be bundled in pallets, making them easier to move and keeping all cargo for individual shippers separate. Often, even smaller loads are picked up and delivered by small vans used by couriers. These companies prefer packages weighing 150 pounds or less, making them easier to load and unload manually.

LTL shipments will almost always take longer to reach their destination than larger full truck shipments. This is due to indirect routes and the time required for picking up and delivering at several points, sometimes requiring the rearranging or even reloading of freight onto another truck. The extra handling is not only time consuming, but also increases the potential for damage to or theft of cargo. Delivery times depend on the number of customers being serviced by a truck and the routes required to facilitate pick-up and delivery.

The major advantage of shipping smaller loads by LTL transport is the lower cost achieved due to cost-sharing by all clients. Another benefit may include the handling of goods on both ends as a service to customers.

Titan Translines accommodates LTL and full load shipments, as well as refrigerated and extra-large freight. Give them a call for more information.

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