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National Freight

National Freight

Cross Canada Trucking NEWTrucking companies abound in Canada, and with good reason. Trucks transport almost everything we consume, buy or use. Many trucking companies move goods locally, or within the province. If you need freight moved across the country, however, you will need to find a reputable company with a great track record to meet your needs. What comprises a great national freight company?

  • Safety first! Their trucks are kept in top operating form, their drivers are experienced, and help is readily available if there are any difficulties.
  • Speedy service. You want your goods delivered to meet your time requirements.
  • Multiple options to carry different types of freight.
  • Ability to deliver coast to coast, even in the harder to reach communities.
  • Modern technology that allows you to track your freight.
  • Great customer service, with a priority on the clients and their unique needs.

Titan Translines meets all of the criteria that make a national freight company great. With over 50 terminals across the continent at our disposal, we are able to move your cargo quickly and efficiently from pickup to final destination.

Whatever your trucking needs, Titan has the equipment needed, including dry vans, refrigerated trucks, flat beds, roll tites, etc. We can move small amounts of cargo as part of a full load along with other items, or devote an entire truck load to your cargo. We also move extra high or heavy loads such as machinery or large building components with our double drop flat beds.

With our excellent technology, you will have 24/7 tracking of your freight. Our onboard computers also track the operating status of our trucks, so that any problems can be addressed immediately.

Try our customer service to discuss your next load, or click on our Quick Quote option.

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