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North American Trucking Companies

North American Trucking Companies

cross border truckingNorth American flat bed trucking companies specialize in the transportation of cargo that dry vans cannot carry. Freight that is too large for an enclosed van, extra wide or high freight (wider than 2.44m or higher than 2.79m), heavy construction machinery, or freight that must be loaded by crane or from the side. Pre-cast concrete, construction steel, roof trusses or beams, and other large construction components are examples of cargo requiring flat beds for transportation.

Flat bed trucks have a level (flat) bed without sides. This makes loading from the side or by crane feasible. The bed may be rigid or articulated, and may have dropped levels (called step decks or double drops) to accommodate extra high loads. Cargo that is vulnerable to precipitation and can be loaded from the side may require a truck with roof and curtained sides, referred to as a Roll Tite.

Heavy hauling demands extra expertise and care, so before hiring a trucking company to move your extra-large loads, make sure they have ample experience and a great track record in successfully delivering such cargo safely and on time.

Consider Titan Translines, a trucking company based near Toronto that delivers coast to coast in both Canada and the United States. With a wide variety of trucks, plenty of experience, and competitive pricing, they are a North American Trucking company that is well worth checking out.

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