As an essential service Titan Transline remains fully operational for your trucking and logistics needs.

North American Trucking Company

North American Trucking Company

Cross-border-trucking1Moving freight across the country or continent is a whole other animal than short haul trucking. A North American Trucking Company can transport your ca
rgo to any of the American states or Canadian provinces. We’re talking about shipping across two of the world’s largest countries! This is no small feat, and requires complicated and precise knowledge.

The North American trucking company must be connected to many others in the industry, both large and small, to ensure that freight can be delivered to the smallest, most remote villages on the continent. With a vast network of highways to choose from, selecting the best route is complex. The itinerary may not be what looks like the most obvious or straight forward path. The dispatcher must know where construction is going on at any given time, what highways are toll roads, and what adverse weather conditions exist at the time. Large events such as state or provincial exhibitions or concerts that attract many visitors will spell congested traffic.  Rush hour in major cities should be avoided by truckers if possible.

Fortunately, modern computerized technology and communication tools will allow the dispatcher to “see” problems ahead of the trucker and indicate alternate routes to be taken.

Truckers must know the variations in traffic laws from state-to-state and province-to-province. Crossing the border from country-to-country can cause time-consuming delays, especially if drivers are not well-versed in border proceedings, which often differ crossing one way from the other.

If you are shipping goods a long distance in North America, you will want to choose a company that is experienced with an excellent track record. Titan Translines is one of the best! Check us out! Call our customer service line for more information.


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