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Over the Road Trucking Companies

Over the Road Trucking Companies

Trucking on North American Winter Roads-Stay Safe!

You live in Canada, eh? We all need to think smart when driving our winter highways. Over the road trucking companies know that there only three times that you need to take action to stay safe as a winter trucker: Before, During, and After a run.

A/ Bewinter truckfore You Leave

1. Plan Your Trip

a) Monitor the weather. There is no excuse for being ignorant of approaching bad weather. There are weather forecasts every hour on radio stations, several times a day on TV, every 10 minutes on the Weather Channel, and anytime you want to check on the Weather Network web site. Plan to leave between storms, or when you think snowplows have tackled snowy roads. Carefully weigh deadlines against safety. If you need to leave early so you can reduce your speed on slippery roads, then do so.

b) Pinpoint safe places to park along your route, in case you cannot reach a truck stop or motel on time.

2. Follow a Proper Pre-trip Check-list.

a) Make sure EVERYTHING is in top working order: defroster, wipers, wiper motor, all lights. Top up all fluids, and carry extra with you. Drain moisture from the air tanks. Make sure all brakes are set up and windows and mirrors are completely clean. Because diesel fuel gels in extreme cold, add anti-get to your fuel tank before you fuel up.

b) Have the Proper Equipment: chains, waterproof gloves, reflector vest, flashlight, batteries, fully charged phone, good boots, warm clothing, spare clothing, extra bedding, bungees, high energy bars, water, fully-equipped first aid kit.

B/ During Your Run

1. Do Regular Inspections.

a)Check all systems again to make sure they are functioning properly and fluids are plentiful.

b)Clean lights off, as snow, grime, or slush make have built up, diminishing your range of vision and your visibility to other motorists.

c)Knock excess snow off mud flaps and chain hangers.

2. Use Good Judgment

a)Drive at appropriate speeds for the road conditions, slowing down for icier areas such as bridges and shaded areas.

b)Never park on the shoulder of the road. Cars like to follow big trucks when visibility is poor. Following the running lights of your stopped truck will spell disaster.

c)Use extreme caution braking on ice.

d)Don’t follow other vehicles closely.

e)Stay alert or pull over.

f)Use your radio or phone to keep in touch with other drivers. Keep each other informed as to conditions ahead.

C/ After Your Run

1. Repeat all systems and fluid checks.

2. Clean salt, snow and ice build-up from your truck.

3. Report adverse driving conditions to your dispatcher to pass on to other drivers.

4. Get well rested before your next run.


Titan Translines cares about the safety of their drivers.

Safe drivers…satisfied customers.

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