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Temperature Controlled

Did you know that a mere 2 °F fluctuation can reduce a product’s shelf-life by up to 50%? That’s why here at Titan Transline we offer temperature-controlled transport options that respect the quality of your goods through accuracy and reliability. Our extensive network of in-house and partner terminals ensures your product arrives nearby throughout all of Canada and the USA so your goods can move faster through your supply chain, offering you agility and a leg-up on the competition.

Backed by world-class expertise and experience, Titan Transline is a 3PL provider that abides by all FSMA standards. We offer seamless cross-border, temperature-controlled transit for items which may require both heating and cooling via our state-of-the-art freight equipment. Reach out today for a competitive rate on all of your temperature- and time-sensitive transport needs.

Cross-border temperature-controlled Trucking

Optimal Equipment

We offer a network of specially-engineered, insulated reefer units to help you maintain product freshness and viability throughout the entire shipping process while maintaining compliance with all relevant regulations—even across the border. Whether heating or cooling serves your needs, we have the right equipment on hand for shipments requiring temperatures requiring fresh, chilled or frozen settings . We also offer time-sensitive and hazardous freight options for crossover products.

Examples of temperature-controlled shipments we handle:

  • Fresh foods including produce, meat, and dairy
  • Frozen foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paints and coatings
  • Any substance which requires PFF (Protect From Freeze)

Titan Transline reliably transports these goods and more in all weather conditions. If you have a question or concern about whether or not we can manage your specialty shipment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Rest assured that your goods arrive at their highest quality via accurate tracking and real-time reporting, coast to coast throughout the USA and Canada. Rely on our trusted network to deliver even your most sensitive freight on time, every time, with our top-of-the-industry equipment, specialized professional expertise, and white-glove level service—all at a competitive rate. Call us today for your free quote: 905-659-8595 or click here.

Reefer Trucking Companies

Reefer Trucking Companies specialize in the expedited movement of fresh produce, meat, chilled beverages, and frozen products. Moving cargo needing refrigeration requires in-depth knowledge about temperature control in reefers, ideal temperature needed for each type of freight, and interaction between different refrigerated items. These variables need to be calculated into the equation for every refrigerated load transported.


  • It is best to transport items that require the same optimum temperature to maintain freshness.
  • Cross tainting occurs when fruits or vegetable are not compatible in humidity needs and rate of respiration. Produce gives off heat, odors, CO2 and ethylene. The taste of some produce will be tainted in such an environment.
  • Maintaining ideal humidity is as important as temperature. Some produce will spoil quickly in an environment that is too humid, while low humidity can cause excessive dehydration.
  • Although produce may be at ideal temperature when loaded, heat from the truck itself and varying temperatures as trucks traverse the country may alter trailer interior temperatures. Care must be taken to monitor and adjust during transit.
  • Commodities should be pre-cooled to ideal temperature prior to loading and maintained as such.
  • Care should be taken to prevent produce from shifting, causing damage to itself or other cargo. Even excessive vibration from the truck itself can cause damage.
  • Loading and unloading should be done carefully and quickly.

Titan Translines is a trucking company you can trust to deliver your refrigerated goods in optimum shape. Check out our Quick Quote option or call our customer service line for your next shipping needs.

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