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Reefer Trucking Companies

Reefer Trucking Companies

Shipments Requiring Refrigeration

Transportation of goods needing refrigeration is one of the most specialized facets of Titan Translines trucking business. As a reefer trucking company, we realize that caring for such goods is not simply a matter of providing the same cool environment for every load. Several factors must be considered carefully. refrigerated freight

  1.  Some produce will need only cool temperatures while others will require a much colder environment in order to maintain the integrity of the product.
  2. Others, such as meat and frozen dairy products, may need sub-zero temperatures, while freezing will permanently damage some, such as potatoes, cheese and eggs.
  3. While some goods can survive a few days in transit in ideal surroundings, others must be fast-tracked to preserve their fresh quality.
  4. Some produce emits odors that will taint the flavour of others.
  5. Gases given off by some produce as it ripens may be harmful to others, while the addition of CO2 is beneficial to still others.
  6. As produce ripens, it transpires, giving off heat of its own. This transpiration heat needs to be taken into account when adjusting trailer temperatures.
  7. The humidity factor is important for many products.
  8. Other factors that may alter the interior temperature of refrigerated trailers, such as pre-loading temperature of goods, heat generated by the truck, heat loss through poorly insulated spots, and fluctuations in outside temperatures from pick-up to delivery, must be seriously considered.

In short, the trucking company that offers to transport refrigerated cargo must be well-versed in the complex nature of this aspect of shipping.  Goods that arrive in a compromised state will equate to lost revenue for both customer and transporter alike. It is critical that the trucking company which undertakes shipping of loads requiring refrigeration be experienced and conscientious.

Titan Translines is a reefer trucking company that takes pride in customizing the method of transportation to your specific needs. Our “no-strings attached” guarantee backs our promise to care for your goods according to your needs. Call our customer service line for personalized assistance.

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