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Living in Arlington Car-Free

I have lived in Arlington Car-Free for 3 years. Having moved here from Manhattan a decade ago, I looked for areas to live with all the amenities of a good life packed in nearby. Courthouse Metro area is perfect -- I live 3 blocks from that station, so when my car died, it was easy to use all of the great transit and carpool options. Or just walk.

So I'm very excited about the County's Car-Free Diet program, but I can't find anywhere on the site -- although I swear I saw it there previously -- any info on the tagline "I Lost 2,000 Lbs."

I know it's about carbon emissions, but where is that explained -- is that the average reduction someone who leaves their car at home once per week can expect? Can someone tell me?

My oh my! I almost forgot. I have been thinking about bringing up-to-date my site. There's something I really enjoy about the website Not actually positive precisely just what but wanted opinions 😉 Comments on that would be great. Okay getting back to it!

And hey -- wouldn't it be great if Gov. Kaine went on the "Diet"? And announced that on Earth Day in Richmond, and then asked all of Virginia to join him?

I will point out that I originally got the idea for this article talking with Jonathan at Printing Peach. Thanks for that. I suppose you find inspiration in unexpected places.

Post Resources - I call these people on a regular basis. - Very good business resource.

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