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A month ago I received a lovely letter from VicRoads congratulating me on a spotless ten-year driving record.But my smug glow of self-satisfaction was extinguished a few days later when a speeding fine landed in the post box.

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Still, I reasoned, one speeding fine in ten years, that's not bad.

Two weeks later a second speeding fine arrived.

Oh bother, I said (actually, my language would have made a sailor blush, but let's not go there).

But, it made me wonder what had provoked my metamorphosis from perfect driver with superior vehicle handling skills to lady lead-foot tearing up the roads of Wyndham? I started by blaming the overcrowded local roads, particularly Forsyth and Sayers Roads during school run-madness, as provocation for my driving indiscretions.

Then I ranted about annoyingly slow-off-the-mark drivers who think a green light just means it's time to wrap up their incredibly witty and important text message.

Next we're drivers pretending to be the vehicular equivalent of a hemorrhoid, causing me to speed simply to get out of the way. Middle lane crawlers, congested roundabouts, and just too many bloody sets of traffic lights all got a serve in the dark recesses of my mind.

But when I calmed down, forked out several hundred dollars in fines and said hello to two demerit points, I had a bit of an epiphany.

There was only one person to blame me.

TAC statistics record 288 deaths and 6641 serious injuries on Victorian roads in

2010; 4 deaths and a staggering 140 serious injuries in Wyndham alone. And

most of those can be attributed to speed.

So, although they say things happen in threes, I'm aiming to avoid another fine.

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