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Buick Hood Ornaments

Buick hood ornaments are some of the most distinctive, attractive, stylish accessories ever created. One could even argue that they are works of art; Highly prized works of art.

But what makes Buick hood ornaments so special is that they we're reflective of the technological trends of the times.

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For example, during the "roaring twenties" and even during the difficult years of the thirties, when women we're first stepping out of the home, Buick hood ornaments featured women's body's and heads in sleek beautiful designs.

Also during this period Buick incorporated the sturdy look of a locomotive design. In the forties and fifties, the airplane became in vogue and Buick's ornaments reflected this on the '42 super convertible and the '58 Buick Roadmaster.

But be wary of scam artists who will try to pass off a fake ornament as an original. Here are couple of key things to look for if you want to purchase an original.

First, you should be able to find a parts number by going directly to the manufacturer. It may take some patience to get through the layers of bureaucracy, but it's worth it. If your proposed purchase does not have that part number, it's not the original.

Second, take note of the craftsmanship. The detail should be exquisite, with fine lines, and true corners.

Finally, determine where the ornament would be attached to the car. There should a milled section that allowed the company to firmly mount the ornament. And don't forget composition. Original Buick hood ornaments we're most often made from nickel or chrome plated zinc.

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