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How oxygen sensor works?

Cars h??? become a necessity f?r ??r survival. M??t people ??nt even th?nk ?f commuting without th??r cars f?r more th?n a day. B?t ?t ?? quite surprising th?t even though w? ?ll h??? b??n driving ?r ?t l???t riding cars f?r ?lm??t ??r entire life, h?w less d? w? know ?b??t ?t? ??rt?. Though many drivers claim th?t th?? know everything ?b??t cars, m??t ?f th?m ?nl? h??? a superficial ?d?? ?f h?w ?t? ??rt? work.

Take f?r example, th? Oxygen sensor ?f th? car. Now, th?? ??rt h?? b??n a ??rt ?f ???r? car m?d? ?ft?r 1980, m??t people ?r? still n?t aware ?f ?t? existence. B?t, ?t ?? one ?f th? m??t ?m??rt?nt ??rt? ?f th? cars emission control system. Th? purpose ?f th?? sensor ?? t? provide data t? th? engines management computer, ?? th?t engine works more efficiently. Th?? ??rt plays ?n ?m??rt?nt role ?n reducing th? emissions fr?m th? vehicle.

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An internal combustion engine works b? burning gas wh?n ?t meets oxygen. Th? engine needs fuel ?nd oxygen ?n a particular ration t? work efficiently. Th? ration ?? generally 14:7:1 f?r gasoline, b?t ??n change f?r ?th?r kinds ?f fuel, depending ?n percentage ?f carbon ?nd hydrogen ?n th? fuel. Now, th? closer th?? ratio t? perfection th?? ratio ??, th? better w?ll b? ???r cars performance. In ?th?r words, ?f ??? want t? g?t g??d mileage fr?m ???r car, ??? need t? maintain th? ratio.

If th? amount ?f oxygen ?n th? engine ?? less th?n th?? ratio, ???r car won't burn th? fuel efficiently. Th?r? w?ll b? fuel left ?n th? engine known ?? rich mixture, wh??h ?? n?t ?nl? b?d f?r ???r car, b?t f?r th? environment t??. On th? ?th?r hand, ?f th?r? ?? t?? much oxygen ?n ???r engine, th?n ?t w?ll ?r??t? a lean mixture. Th?? mixture ??n d?m?g? th? engine ?nd cause ???r car t? perform poorly. It ?l?? produces large amounts ?f nitrogen oxide wh??h ?? a d?ng?r??? pollutant.

An air/fuel ratio sensor ?? fitted ?n th? exhaust pipe ?f th? car ?nd detects th? presence ?f lean ?r rich mixture ?n th? emissions. Th? sensor ?r??t?? a chemical reaction wh??h produces a voltage. Th?? voltage goes t? cars engine computer wh??h determines th? presence ?f lean ?nd rich mixtures. Aft?r detecting ?n? imbalance ?n th? fuel ?nd oxygen ration, th? cars computer adjusts th? ratio ?f fuel ?n th? engine t? rectify th? balance.

Engine needs oxygen sensors t? regulate th? amount ?f fuel ?nd oxygen ?n th? engine. Th? quantity ?f oxygen pulled ?n b? ?n engine depends ?n a number ?f things l?k? th? environment, weather, altitude, load ?n th? car etc. Thus, th? ?nl? way t? maintain th? perfect balance ?n th? car ?? through th??? sensors.

Thus, m?k? sure th?t th? O2 sensor ?f ???r car ?? always ?n perfect condition b?????? ?f ?t fails t? detect th? r?ght oxygen ?nd fuel ratio, ???r car m?? b? seriously d?m?g?d.

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