Parking in NYC

Wherever you need to go in NYC, there is safe and secure parking. There are plenty parking garages throughout lower and mid-town Manhattan, each of which is staffed by a friendly and helpful crew. Since most New Yorkers are in a big hurry, our high-speed computers and hand-held ticketing devices are designed to make parking and payment as quick and efficient as possible.

High-Tech Safety Measures

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When it comes to parking in NYC, you can never be too safe. That's why Champion Parking offers well-lit facilities that are kept under the watchful eye of 24-hour video surveillance. We also have DVR recorders that record garage activity so the police can catch any criminals who think it's a good idea to stage a break in.

Protection from the Summer Sun

As the sun's rays grow more intense, thousands of NYC car owners are looking for ways to protect their paint job. A parking garage doesn't just offer protection from criminals, but from UV rays, plant debris, bird waste, and other damaging aspects of summer. When you return to the parking garage after a full day of fun activities, your vehicle will look exactly the same as it did when you left it.

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