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Why are Rental Car Prices So High this Year?

People everywhere are continuing to travel, despite the state of the economy. On a global level it is only getting worse and in places like Greece the strain can be seen in the form of people lashing out against their government. However, the economy has made most aspects of travel much more attainable than they were five or six years ago. One example is in the price of hotels and flights. While still somewhat expensive, the costs have come down to a point where it is now cheaper to fly rather than drive and when booking a hotel it is easier to get the room you want for the price you want.

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Unfortunately, not all aspects of travel have decreased in price. In fact, a major jump in prices can be seen in the rental car sector. The reason for this is simple supply and demand. While airliners can't necessarily just sell off their planes and hotels can't cut the tops off their buildings, rental car companies have been able to sell a large portion of their cars. Many rental car companies have cut their fleets down by at least 15% in the last two years allowing them to adjust their fees accordingly.

This decrease in the overall supply of rental cars has sent prices skyrocketing. In many cases it has jumped by nearly 100%, forcing people to search for the best deals possible for their plans. What this entails is searching far and wide for the best coupon codes for website booking, searching out discounts for booking all aspects of your travel at once and even calling up the rental car companies and haggling over their prices. Thankfully, if these simple tasks are done it is still possible to secure a reasonable price on your rental car.

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