Do It Yourself Car Repair: Half The Battle Is Being Prepared

Why should you fix your car? Easy to answer that: you can save a lot of money of course. Another very important reason to do it yourself car repair is when you get stuck where no one can help you. These kinds of skills might equal your survival.

When your muffler drops and you are dragging it, what tool will you need for a fast repair? Make sure you have a roll of black duct tape that you can get at any hardware store, as you will probably not have a way to remount it. If this sounds a bit funny, this tape can fix just about anything for the time being.

I can attest to this method as it held up my my muffler as I had to drive hundreds of miles with it like that before I could get it fixed. Wrap the tape around the pipe and a convenient place on the bottom of your car, accept for climbing under your car, that's it, just don't forget to put on your park break. This really does work. I think at one time they even we're going to fix the space station with duct tape. But don't drive around like that for long, get it fixed properly.

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With do it yourself car repair you must know your limits. If you do not know your way around the parts of your car, then get to know it otherwise you might find it hard to fix. The easy thing is pulling something apart. Putting things back together as one is the hard part.

So when you do start pulling it apart get a piece of paper or cardboard, and place the parts on the paper in the order you took them apart, number and label them so you know in what order they go back together.

Do you have a user manual for your car? If not, get one! A lot can be known just by reading it. Study it!

Sometime all you will need to do is replace a fuse, or tighten a bolt, or screw so have extra fuses. Look in the manual to find your fuse box, and have the right tools with you: screw driver set, a good ratchet set with extender, even a can of spray on oil in order to loosen bolts and lube things. Jumper cables are a standard to have, don't forget them!

Being prepared is winning half the battle. It does not have to be difficult to do it yourself car repair, especially if you are ready for any eventuality. If you can't get it fixed do not leave home without your cell phone. And if a tow is involved make sure you know how far the tow will go, so you don't end up paying a thousand dollars. Go here for auto parts Calgary.

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