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Road Freight

Road Freight

 trucking freightYou may think that all freight movement is essentially the same, but road freight, that is, trucking, is a different animal altogether than rail, air or sea freight. Statistics verify that our economy and that of all developed countries would be virtually crippled without road transportation.

The most obvious reason that trucking outstrips all other forms of freight movement is that trucks can travel anywhere there are roads. According to Wikipedia, there are 1,400,000 kilometres of roads in Canada, compared to only 72,093 km of functioning railway track. Even more limited are major international airports (only 10), and only 300 commercial ports. Without trucking, goods may reach the country, but never make the leap to businesses, manufacturers and, ultimately, consumers. This is not to downplay the importance of these other freight carriers, but without trucks to pick up the baton in the relay from producer to customer, there would be little if any commerce.

Trucks not only carry products to customers, but also transport raw goods and Canadian manufactured goods to ports and airports as exports to other countries. It is calculated that, while air, rail, and water freight comprise 9%, 13%, and 3% of our gross domestic product transport, trucking claims an overwhelming 35%.

An outgrowth of the industry is the large share of the country’s employment supplied by trucking, whether as drivers, support personnel, truck manufacturers, mechanics, etc.

Yes, trucking earns our respect as an irreplaceable part of our economy.

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