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Sharing the Road with Big Trucks

Sharing the Road with Big Trucks

Titan Translines is part of an ever-growing transportation industry. Over 227 000 men as well as many women are employed in truck driving jobs in Canada. It is no surprise to other motorists that there are a lot of big trucks on the road. One would think that such large rigs, driven for many hours a day or night, would be responsible for a large portion of truck blind spotsaccidents. However, tractor-trailers are involved in less than 3% of all accidents, and truck-drivers were driving properly in over 70% of these. Trucks are 3 times less likely to be involved in an accident than a car. It goes without saying then, that car drivers cause many more accidents than truckers.  Much of this is due to a lack of education about safe driving practices around large commercial vehicles. Here are some valuable tips that may ensure safer travel:

  • Be aware of the trucker’s blind spots. You may think that because the driver sits higher above traffic and his truck is equipped with large side mirrors, he has a full view of the perimeter of his rig. There are, in fact, several large blind spots: directly behind the truck; directly in front of the truck; both sides of the truck just back of the cab’s doors.


  • Don’t drive closely behind the trailer.
  • Pass a truck quickly so that you are not in a blind spot for long.
  • Use your turn signal well in advance when preparing to pass.
  • After you have passed a truck, do not cut back in front of it too soon. Allow enough space that you can see the whole front of the truck in your rear view mirror before regaining the right lane.
  • Use low beam headlights when following a truck, as bright headlights in his mirrors are blinding to the driver.
  • Trucks traveling at high speeds create a lot of wind pressure, which requires careful control of your vehicles when you are preparing to pass.
  • Once you have passed the truck, do not decelerate too soon. A truck takes much longer to stop or slow down when braking than a car does.
  • Beware of heavily loaded trucks that slow down going uphill. You will approach them much more quickly than anticipated, and they may accelerate enough on the next downhill to overtake you.
  • If you see a truck’s turn signal come on while you are attempting to pass,the driver may not have seen you. Blow your horn and decelerate.
  • When driving in the city, do not drive along the right side of a truck that is turning right. Give turning trucks extra space as they need a wide berth for maneuvering through intersections.

Safety is everyone’s business. At Titan Translines, we take our jobs seriously in order to provide you with excellent service. Call our customer service line for a quote on your next shipping needs.

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