The Life of a Long Haul Trucker’s Wife

The Life of a Long Haul Trucker’s Wife 

The life of a long haul trucker's wife

There are many occupations that keep husband and wife separated for extended periods of time. Some workers, along with their spouse, face this reality regularly, such as, military personnel during deployment and training, offshore oil drilling workers, working the oil fields in the west when you live in the east, missions, archeological expeditions, etc. One of the most common occupations in this category is long haul trucking. So just what is it like to be the wife of a trucker?

Your quality of life as a long haul trucker “widow” depends a great deal on your attitude toward the reality of your circumstances. Having a pity party every time your hubby (or wife) drives away again for a 3 week run will result in poor energy, decreased enjoyment in life, fewer friends ( who wants to listen to constant negativity?), and kids whose attitudes reflect your own. When your spouse returns, they will be made to feel guilty, and the potential mini-honeymoons between runs will turn into blaming and grumbling bouts. You can make positive choices that will make your circumstances work well, maintain a healthy marriage, and turn home into the haven it should be for your hard working spouse. Lots of other women flourish under the arrangement and so can you.

These are just some of the unique challenges you face:

  • Having to pay most of the bills.
  • Dealing with medical emergencies without the assistance of your soulmate.
  • Fixing the toaster yourself, or finding the right repairman for your leaky roof.
  • Attending all the parent –teacher meetings alone.
  • Adjusting groceries to constant changes in number of mouths to fees.
  • Finding productive activities and hobbies to fill your spare time and give you other adult company.
  • Dealing alone with your kids’ disputes, without a shoulder to cry on.

But it’s not all “doom and gloom”. Being a part time single mom or dad can have benefits, such as:

  • Increased sense of independence and confidence.
  • More spare time for those hobbies or clubs.
  • The opportunity to do a run now and then with your spouse to be a part of his/her work world.
  • Every homecoming is a celebration. Spending purposeful time when he/she is home can be so enriching!
  • Gaining skills through all those things you had to do, which may lead to a job for you when the kids are older.
  • A proud spouse who sees all you can accomplish and loves your positive attitude.

You can be proud to have a long haul trucker as your partner! They work hard and provide one of the most vital services our society needs. Good on you!

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