Transport Companies Toronto

Transport Companies Toronto

toronto transportationTransport companies include trucking, rail, air cargo and shipping. Toronto is fortunate enough to have all four types of transportation for cargo available. Situated along the deep waters of Lake Ontario, the Toronto shipping industry is a key importer and exporter of goods from all over the world. Major international airports provide similar services, while rail service carries goods out from the hub and across the country. The missing link in the transportation of goods from port to train to plane, manufacturer to retailer, or retailer to customer is, of course, trucking.

Obviously, trucks can go where ships cannot, and planes can only land where there are airports. But one might think that rail service is an equal competitor with trucking for the broader movement of cargo.  However, although Canada has 49,422 kilometres of railway track, roadways outstrip this by more than two hundred times, with 1,042,300 km of roads. In many areas of the country, tracks are being removed and turned into walking trails. Granted, freight trains can carry much more cargo than trucks, but the freight still needs to get from the station to the consumer. Trucks are the only mode of transportation that can carry the goods the whole distance, from door to door.

Trucks are also versatile, coming in a variety of sizes, shapes and capabilities, from small vans to huge semis, carrying everything from refrigerated goods to heavy equipment.

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