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Transport Companies Toronto

Transport Companies Toronto

Toronto truckingYou don’t have to look far to find a transport company in Toronto. They are in every industrial park and many more places besides. The glut of trucks running into and out from the GTA is much cause for concern as our cities become more and more congested. Traffic tie-ups are often caused by trucks trying to make tight turns on 2 lane streets where traffic is backed up so much that no one can move to make room for them. Often the holdup is a truck stopped in the middle of a lane to deliver or pick up goods. How can the problem be addressed?

First of all, no one in particular is at fault in these situations. Toronto was not originally built with an eye to future astronomical growth. It started out like all large urban centres as a small village, or in this particular case, as a fortress. Motor vehicles did not even exist. A crystal ball may have come in handy to foresee the present situation. Narrow streets were more than sufficient when only a few people owned cars or trucks, but even with many wider streets and some well-planned bypass strategies, narrow veins for traffic feed into and out of these mega-routes.

One reality that exacerbates the problem is the hectic life style of the average city dweller. With both parents working and on tight schedules, kids to drop off at daycares, sports events or other extracurricular activities, the traffic never stops. Frustrated commuters may shake their fists at truckers who delay them, but the reverse could also be true. Truckers are usually on tight schedules as well for pickups and deliveries.

Here are few things both parties can do to make the situation more tolerable:

  • Truckers can make deliveries at night or after regular working hours whenever possible.
  • Automobile drivers can learn the routes that are most often blocked due to trucking and choose alternate routes.
  • Truckers can make sure to use four way flashers to alert drivers as early as possible of a tight turn or street delivery.
  • Commuters can use the signal to change lanes or leave extra room as needed.
  • All drivers, whether of trucks or cars should remember that we are in this together. We all need the myriad of goods transported by truck, and truckers need the patronage of the people whom they serve.

Traffic is not likely to get better for the foreseeable future. Let’s appreciate the good that comes from the inconvenience.

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