Transport & Service Trucking

Transport & Service Trucking

Trucking Versus Rail Freight

Trucking vs. railTrucking and rail freight transport have both been major players in transport & service trucking over the last several decades. The percentage of the market each claims has vacillated several times; this is due to many factors including changes in the infrastructure necessary to utilize these transportation modes, the types and sizes of goods being moved, safety factors, and economic demand for certain items. Each of these freight transportation providers offer advantages over the other.

Rail transport of freight is more cost efficient, with considerably less fuel consumption per ton. A freight train hauling many loaded rail cars will cost each client less, as total costs are shared by many patrons, keeping individual fees lower. These considerations make it a good choice if there are no time-constraints on delivery of goods. An additional bonus is the minimal upkeep required on rail infrastructure.

On the other hand, trucking offers great compensations. Trucks can deliver door-to-door, rather than depot-to-depot; the vast network of roads makes almost any destination accessible. Titan Transline, for example, has over 50 depots across Canada and the USA. For loads which must be delivered quickly and/or frequently, trucks trump trains due to direct  routes and the ability to “load and leave” without waiting for other freight to be processed. Goods such as produce with a short life-span benefit from fast, refrigerated trucking.

When it comes down to choosing between truck and rail, the customer must consider all factors and make the choice that best fits their needs. We at Titan Translines believe your best option overall is transport and service trucking. Check out our customer service  for a quote.

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