Truck Driving Canada

Truck Driving Canada

Trucking and Traffic Congestion

trucking congestionLet’s state the bottom line up front…Cities were never designed for the traffic we see in the 21st Century! Toronto, for example, began as Fort York, eventually engulfing surrounding settlements such as Scarborough, Brockton, and Etobicoke, and now boasts a population of 2.63 million, with the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) at about 6.2 million. History has seen the transition from horse drawn carriages on muddy streets to none-stop streams of large and small motor vehicles traversing 12 lane arteries to and from the city’s heart.

Truck driving in Canada has serious challenges! No one ever anticipated the number of automobiles the city would see. Narrow streets in the city’s core, in most cases, cannot conceivably be widened to accommodate all traffic easily.  Large transport trucks are targeted as one of the culprits in traffic congestion. Not that anyone wants to do away with big trucks…they are our bread and butter and every other commodity we love to consume.  When the streets were built, large transport trucks were still an undreamed of future invention.  Industrial areas that were originally on city outskirts are now surrounded by the expanding metropolis.

Thus, the problem of traffic congestion. Are there solutions to bottlenecking?

Some suggestions are:

  • Tunnels dedicated to trucks to bypass city centres. While this sounds like s solution for some trucking, it does not address the problems in the city proper, where thousands of trucks make pick-ups and deliveries daily. The massive undertaking of restructuring urban infrastructure to accommodate tunnels would be costly and would cause extra congestion during the construction phase.
  • Greater use of public transit by other motorists. This does alleviate some of the problem, but buses and street cars add their own brand of congestion to the mix.
  • Truck bans during peak, rush hour periods. Truckers consciously try to avoid these times already, because lost time sitting in traffic means lost profit for truckers and trucking companies.

There is no simple solution to the problem, but city councils continue to grapple with the issues. . Trucking transport is a big and extremely valuable industry. Besides delivering the goods we need, it employs a large portion of the population, either directly or indirectly. In the end, all parties concerned must make allowances to keep the economy, as well as the traffic moving.


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