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Truck News Canada

Truck News Canada

Importance of the Trucking Industry

Whole_Foods_TruckUpdatedWe’ve all been irritated by big transport trucks obstructing our view in traffic, spraying water or slush on our windshields as they pass, and blocking city intersections for wide turns. But in the end, none of us would wish to be rid of them. The trucking industry is one of the most important overall to the common citizen in the country.

It is estimated that the trucking industry is responsible for the movement of about 90% of the products that we as Canadians consume. That Tim Horton’s truck that blocks the street backing into one of their outlets ensures that you get your morning coffee and muffin every day. It provides part time work for your high school teenager and your semi-retired neighbour. The big semi which you pass going up steep hills and which then overtakes you on the downgrade may be carrying your new summer wardrobe or the snow blower you desperately need for winter. The eighteen wheeler that causes you to sway a little as it passes you on the highway may be loaded with next week’s groceries, as fresh as they can be. It may have oranges from Chile, cheeses from the Netherlands and German chocolate.

What about the trucks laden with lumber from our forests, wheat from our prairies, or fish from our oceans and bound for foreign countries? Or the numerous products from our factories that help keep our people employed? Or the raw materials those factories need to manufacture those goods? Did you know that trucks transport about 60% of goods traded with the U.S.?

No, we would never wish the trucking industry into none-existence. There is too much good truck news in Canada! So “hats off” to the men and women, young and old, who travel our roads night and day. May more be inspired to invest their working days labouring in the trucking industry!

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